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Re: [viking79] feel free to disagree with Cheating Software Correction

007peter wrote:

Off course Software Correction is cheating.  Because we are comparing a:

  • Non-Software Corrected Sigma 19 vs
  • a Software Corrected Sony 20

A better design fair test would be like these:

  • A software corrected Sigma 19 vs
  • a software corrected Sony 20 or even
  • a non-software corrected Sigma 19 vs
  • a non-software corrected Sony 20

the problem here is that if I go by your [viking79] reasoning, I might as well claim that my

  • $300 Canon 17-85 software corrected via PTlens is
  • Much Sharper than any $1200 Canon 17-55

No it isn't - Some lenses are designed with Software correction specifically required (eg the 16-50). Others are not. If you compare an old lens (pre software correction) with a modern lens designed for it to be applied you are artifically biasing the test. If the artifacts are not automatically correctable in standard software (in camera or popular image suites), then it's genuine, manual post processing and I agree that is a different case.

However to review or critique lenses that are quite obviously only supposed to be used corrected is just silly. Its a denial of progress.

Eg the 16-50 is approx 14mm at wide end in raw with major vignette, distortion etc. It's intentionally like this as it's done to keep the frame sharp in the full knowledge that vignette and distortion are fairly simple to correct for automatically but that sharpness is not. To test this lens without correction missed the point and would restrict lens design artificially. From what little I've seen so far this is also the case for the 20.

What matters is the end photos. Not how you get there.

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