low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

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Re: PART II -- I've RE-DONE the shots in manual mode

Pete peterson wrote:

Ok So i took people's advice and re-took these shots in manual mode for a better comparison.

This time the pictures are very similar. The Sony's are a little warmer than the Fuji. The white toy from the fuji looks a little greyer and the sony has a brown tinge.

I must say though even though I was berated by some people here, the Fuji did a great job without having to resort to manual mode. The pictures in the original posting were all done in aperture priority.

Sorry but I've tried to upload for comparison but the upload fails every time I try.

Site's acting up at the moment. Sorry to labour this, and I'm not berating you (in fact I asked other folks not to be rude in their criticism)  but can you check the EXIF and confirm that your NEX originals were at  EV=0 in A mode? If so there's something wrong with your camera - I use A mode 99% of the time on my NEX-5 & f3, and the camera will slow the shutter speed right down to 30secs if necessary to expose the shot correctly to EV = 0.  It really looks like yours were at EV = -2.0 or something else was wrong. My NEXes have never under-exposed this badly for no reason.

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