HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

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Re: HS50EXR - SL1000 - Any other superzoom - Which one to buy ??

I recently went from an HS-10 to the HS-30.  My choice was price driven, Costco had them for $250 including some other goodies.

Price was not the only factor.  I have spent a lot of time learning the HS-10 and the HS-30 leveraged that and, this is the point, the HS-30 was a great improvement on the one aspect of the HS-10 I hated.

I like in camera panoramas.  When you shoot them with an HS-10 you wait a long time for in camera stitching.  The HS-30 and possible HS-50 has them ready almost instantly.  There are still stitching errors but at least I can see I have a problem without the long wait.  I am often travel with a group, so that wait time was an issue.

Panoramas may not be your thing but the same principle applies.  Ask yourself what you would most like to see improved and pick the camera that addresses that.

I had considered the X-s1 and decided that what I got for the higher price was one more stop of ISO performance.

I do not use the long end but I prize wide field shots.  That was very minor disadvantage for the 2.8 Panny but that may not be your issue.  Learning a new camera can be an advantage or a disadvantage but look for the one that best addresses what you consider the most important disadvantage of your HS-10.

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