do I need to use a speedlight for this type of still life photo

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Re: try light painting!

ocean76 wrote:

Zalafoto USA wrote:

You haven't mentioned a tripod in your gear list. If, you have one, you can also try light painting. For still life it is a great technique to try. You can use one light source and use it to light your subject as you wish. That light source can be a flashlight, or a flash. There are many tutorials and illustrated articles on the subject. So, what you need is a camera set on manual exposure and a fairly long exposure time, a tripod to eliminate camera shake, one lightsource and you to move it around your subject.

Hi Viktor, it really is a superb idea.

I do have a tripod and I'll try light painting asap.

If you can set the exposure time long enough and you have time, you can even use gels to create interesting effects. For example you can try to use your flash on a fairly low setting and just pop it manually. If you use a flash you would expect harsh shadows, but if you flash a lot of times from a different location, than you can end up with soft shadows. Takes time to get a hang of it, but a fun way to get artsy!

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