Is Nex-6 to basic for me? Based on my history and current thoughts on it

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Re: Is Nex-6 to basic for me? Based on my history and current thoughts on it

mjstowe wrote:

First off, please do not think I am a troll. I was a member here from 2002 I believe when I bought the Nikon D100. I went through many cameras since including Canon, Panny etc. Problem is I have since used many different email accounts etc and didn't have my credentials to log back to reset everything...

Ok...I have had the urge to get back in to photography and have been buying/returning cameras left and right to try out (all through Amazon warehouse deals so already previously opened). So far I have gone through the Sony RX-100, A65 and A77. I found I am not wanting the bulk of the big DSLR any more so that eliminated the 65 and 77 (although I really liked both). The RX-100 takes really nice photos, but I actually had some specs on the lens that I could not get rid of which reminded me of my old DSLR days (I still may revisit the RX100)

So, I have the Nex 6 and have just started using it.


My first impressions are that it is to much oriented towards the point and shoot auto group for my taste.

It is I guess, if you use it in iAuto mode. I took a few shots in iAuto way back, and never used it again!  I have no need for a camera to decide a scene is a sunset or a portrait, or search around the frame for something random to focus on  - I just want it to expose properly for my selected aperture and ISO, and it does! Aperture priority mode works perfectly 99% of the time for me. If you're concern is about it being basic in iAuto, why haven't you switched it over to your preferred P/A/S/M mode?

The pop up info if you pause in the menus is a big annoyance and I have yet to find out how to turn it off if possible.

Oh come on now - read the manual, or just search through the menu.   I think it's Setup > Help Guide Display on my two NEXes (5 & F3).

I know you can customize controls somewhat, but it still seems really limited almost like it is set up not to trust the photographer. Am I really off base here or am I missing something?

It's not quite a DSLR for controls (i assume you know it's got the same size APS-C sensor as any non-FF  DSLR/SLT?), but it's extremely customisable - you've a mode dial &  control dial on the 6, plus the centre dial button can have 5 functions assigned (ISO, white balance,  etc), plus the left and right dial clicks, plus lower B button - that's a lot of near-instant control! Is there anything missing from those options that you really need?

If you shoot RAW a lot of these aren't even relevant (WB, JPG-only settings like DRO etc). If JPG, you can customise your JPG look - Standard, Vivid, Portrait etc. each with independent (remembered) options for sharpness/contrast/saturation, and WB is fully customisable from sunny/cloudy etc to shooting a white card, to selecting your own temperature/filter.

Like I said I use A mode 99% of the time and almost never delve into those annoying menus, which are actually easy to negotiate if you can remember where stuff is - they're only one level deep.

Also, for basic IA mode, it chooses such a high ISO. I compared my old LX5 in IA to this and the Panny chose ISO 800, where as the Nex chose ISO 3200. Same exact setup otherwise.....

It tends to choose high ISO rather than lower shutter speed, and should really be customisable, but simply go into M or S mode and choose your shutter speed and ISO if you need to. The NEX also has some of the best high ISO performance out there.

I guess I am wanting more DSLR control in a smaller camera so I am asking you all to let me know if this one is capable or if the 7 (or another camera all together) is a better choice. Maybe even the RX100 again although I really like a VF

Thanks and sorry for the ramble.


Sounds a bit like buyers remorse? If you don't like the camera then you should get rid of it, but really, give it a fair try first. It can do everything a DSLR can do (well, except very fast focus tracking, customisable setups etc, but for most actual photography it can) in a small light package, has a state of the art sensor, and has a good range of e-mount lenses with more to come, the whole alpha mount range (with adapter), plus almost any legacy lens you want to put on it with a cheap adapter.

Here's a suggested setup - A mode, EV=0, base ISO by day, auto-ISO or set it per scene by night, turn off auto-focus assist lamp, centre focus (focus  lock & re-compose) or flexible spot, RAW & JPG, or JPG fine and auto-DRO, Continuous shoot mode (or 2sec timer & turn off lens OSS  for tripod), go and take a bunch of pictures with it before rejecting it! And try it with the Sigma 30/2.8, or the SEL35/1.8, or the SEL50/1.8 or the Zeiss 24/1.8, or any good  legacy fast fifty or 28/35 with a $10 adapter to really see what it can do with fine detail & depth of field!

Canon FDn 35/2 on the older 14MP NEX-5:

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