Peel off delaminating Trublack screen or leave it?

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Re: Peel off delaminating Trublack screen or leave it?

saintz wrote:

This is the process:

I loved this solution right up to the point (in the comments) where the  author says that a phones touch-screen did not work with the replacement glass installed. So it might ruin the touch screen function of the NEX-5n.

Some may see that as an improvement - I would not, The capacitive touchscreen on the NEX-5n is one of the best features in the entire NEX line-up (the 5r is resistive which is a step backwards as far as I understand).

However, they did replace the tru-black film with a piece of glass. I wonder if you could replace it with a similar film that would still keep the touch sensitivity. I know other screen protectors dont affect touch so that might be a solution - BUT they are placed ON TOP of the tru-black layer (so the tru-black layer may be essential to provide touch - I just dont know).

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