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Re: part 14 -- dynamic range extension ...

jcmarfilph wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I note that there seems to be some doubt about how bad DR100 is for general purpose shooting.

So I cut to the chase and show you exactly what you lose when you shoot DR100 ...

In anything approaching challenging light it is ruinous and a complete waste of time ... but see for yourself ...


Deliberately shooting at +2/3 EV what a joke. Who shoots that way and recover it later? Use proper metering and I bet you wouldn't see any difference at all.

That statement shows such a profound lack of understand of what the meter is for that I feel for you as a photographer who chooses to learn nothing about the fundamentals. So start by rereading the reason for my choice and see if you can fathom what I was driving at.

I'll wait ...

Now ... as I said, I did not want a silhouette of the lamp. Had I exposed for the highlights, I get no detail in the shadows. They turn to mush if I lift them with such a tiny sensor (sound familiar?)

So instead, I expose at a compromise setting by compensating the meter. Lifting the shadows a bit during exposure allows me to get more detail with less noise and I can pull back the highlights to retain detail there as well, but only if I shoot at DR400 and take advantage of EXR's extended dynamic range.

I am certain that you skipped over that entire explanation to make some sort of inane comment ... so have at it. I only acknowledged you because your comment was too naively (or intentionally) obtuse to be left without response ...

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