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Yes but the main problem will be the lack of an image stability system as is found in Minolta & Sony DSLRs & SLTs.

This lack becomes more of an issue the longer the focal length of the lens , try putting a 500mm mirror lens on a NEX & you will see an image which dances around on the LCD or in the EVF & which can only be controlled by using a tripod. I have issues with shorter FLs as well & need good sunlight in order to have fast shutter speeds of at least 1/ 2x FL in order to control camera shake reliably.

Some will protest at these comments but I am speaking from my personal experience & would caution those contemplating this move.

Do we even know what focal lengths are involved?  Before going into too much panic, maybe the OP has a 50mm, not a 500mm.  An adapted 50/1.7 is just great on the Nex.

I protest your premature negativity, not the point about the 500mm.  I'd say even 300mm gets to be tough (although I've done it -- handheld -- and it worked).

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Keith C

If he has had those in the closet for many years, presumably he used them with Minolta film cameras which had no stabilization.

I don't understand why people avoid the lack of stabilization like the plague. Yes it can be useful but unless you shoot in the dark all the time, it's not going to make your pictures any better.

Stablization helps in certain circumstances, not so much in others.  It is more useful on longer lenses, IMO.  It's also more useful on video than stills (again, IMO).

And even if stabilization can keep your hands from shaking, it's not going to freeze your subject from moving.

I appreciate the better high-ISO more with the Nex.  It can be a reasonable trade off to get more speed.

I am also speaking from personal experience, and I was born after camera/lens stabilization was made available too.

I do agree though that using the 500mm f/8 mirror lens handheld w/out stabilization is quite tough (owned one before). ISO is at least at 1600 on an average day. But there's still plenty of light shooting with f/5.6 @ 300mm on a gloomy day without it!

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