Light/small/sharp/wide manual legacy prime lens for $50

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John Knuhtsen
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Re: Light/small/sharp/wide manual legacy prime lens for $50

You will find some answers here in a very new thread:

Frankly said you are a bit late (I was also). 3 years ago one could pick up legacy lenses for almost nothing (the price you say). But now that we have these mirrorless with space for adapters (m4/3, ricoh gxr, samsung, nex) the prices for the good pieces have exploded (5-10X). And remember that these lenses are not produced any more. So now it is a question of finding some markets that does not know this development. Although ebay is a very nice place to look, prices there are not low. On the other hand internet also makes it possible to find reviews on almost any valuable legacy lens. So read them also before buying. Legacy lenses are (most often) made for full frame, another good thing.

Maybe such a message here is provoking. Sorry. But what I mean is, that Sigma 19 and 30 are hard to beat. Except they are not legacy.

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