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malch wrote:

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

No Success, i did modify in Registry and still i can't find anything about AHCI, not in Bios and not in Device Manager, and Samsung Magicion keep sayinf that AHCI is disabled.

I think that's a bug in Samsung Magician!

I had the same issue here with a 840 Pro on my old machine. Magician said AHCI was disabled but my BIOS and operating system said it was enabled.

Hi. Was not following this thread for a longer time. I see Tareq Abdulla has bought a new laptop.

As for the yes or no AHCI showing up within Samsung Magician I can state this "flaw". Also that Magician is not saying anything about the SATA port. By first fresh install, everything is alright. But e.g. as soon if you run Intel RST and make a RAID set, the Magician software can not handle the different settings anymore made by Intel RST and doesn't show these settings.
But using AHCI or not using AHCI, makes not that big difference for an SSD in my opinion. Only some minor shift from e.g. better read to better write performance or visa versa.
I am still experimenting with SSD performance for drivers etc. Strange but when using the Intel RST software, you can set two SSD's to RAID-0 functionality, in spite the BIOS is not set to RAID, but AHCI. It works in both BIOS settings. However there is just some shift in performance from write to read.
In spite I get very high performance as RAID-0 set (I just let show you more beneath), it has less to do with fast booting up of a system.

As for fast boot-up of the system, one driver or the other, using AHCI or not, is not the real limit factor. It has to do with all kind of other start-up controls and checks. Just make use of other boot-options as wrote before, already long time ago, as a combination of written cache to a part of the SSD area that is used by hibernate options. First URL in that message:

As for the fastness, just see some differences only by drivers and settings.
I made two sequential test after each other. So left screen and right screen is the same setting, test only done a second time. As every test is already a balance of 5 tests each, the total are the figures of ten tests.

2x Samsung SSD 840 Pro set as RAID-0
(desktop, ASUS P8Z77-V PRO, i7 3770k, 16Gb RAM, Win8)
Unfortunately by some dpreview. server problems, at this moment, images don't show up. hope later.

New install of the system, right drivers. Drivers installed under BIOS "AHCI-mode", in spite of that Intel RST used for installing Samsung SSD's as RAID-0, afterwards BIOS set to RAID.
Read above 1100 Mb/s

Little change by read and write values, I believe made by "Superfetch/Prefetch" optimization (Intel SSD toolbox). Less read speed, more high values for writing seq + 512K blocks

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