Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Worst. PC. Sales. Ever.

Archer66 wrote:

migibson99 wrote:

I believe Win8 is hurting the sales of PCs at BestBuy,

I believe W8 is hurting the sales of PCs everywhere.

PC/laptop sales are dropping bc tablets and mobile phones and maybe even games consoles not bc Win 8.

Most people do not need a PC to handle few emails and update their Facebook status.

Those that need a PC have it already.

Disagree.  Surely the drop in PC sales is not due only to W8, but it is a significant factor.  I think it is a completely true statement that W8's lack of widespread, mass appeal and acceptance is hurting PC sales.    Conversely, if W8 was seen as a "must have" OS,  I believe that PC sales would increase as a result.

I think it is simplistic and actually untrue to think that PC sales are dropping only or primarily because people are migrating over to tablets and smart phones.    Yes, that is part of it, but it is much more complex than that.  W8 is part of it.  The fact that PCs last longer is part of it.  The fact that most PCs built in the last few years are still capable of handling today's software is part of it.  The fact that more people are looking to compliment (not replace) their PC experience with a tablet is part of it.

Watch......if MS develops a new killer OS for PCs that everyone wants, and if new software comes out that won't run well on older machines, you will see a surge in PC sales.  I am in the camp that the PC is not dead. Not yet anyway.  I have a PC, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.  Actually several of each.  I use them all at different times for different reasons.   All play an important part of my work and personal life.  To me, they all compliment each other, and I couldn't get by without any one them (or I wouldn't want to).   I'm perfectly open to the idea that if I can do EVERYTHING I  want and need to do on a tablet, and do it easily and efficiently, I will ditch my PCs and my laptops. We may get there eventually, in fact I think we will get there eventually, but I don't see us getting to that point anytime soon.

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