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Re: if only!!!!

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Edward48 wrote:

nikonFboy wrote:

...I saw the image, i took the shot.

...its really that simple for me, this may make me a lesser photographer in some peoples eyes, than someone who can cover their images with fancy words, flowery explanations and pretentious meanings.

I think it probably is for most of us Paul. Certainly is for me. I've been in the creative environment all my working life, and I can tell you that there is an awful lot of post rationalising and waffle that goes on. Always has been.

I'd like to think the fellow on the station really did have her number.
I like the shot and the idea.

All the best

I would be interested to hear your views about the last message I wrote to Paul, where I am not joking.

Do you really think that an image is only about the visual aspect of it? I find it difficult to accept this. Is there not more about it?

Also, I do not think that it follows (logically) that because there is a lot of invalid (waffle) post-analysis of images, we should not try to analyse images....

Best, D

PS. I agree with your about the weather (your comment in another post). It makes me feel very down.

Sorry to upset you D. That wasn't my intention at all. Of course you are free to analyse any image and to evaluate what it says to you, to help you find out why you like it.

Analysing an image in that way isn't what I mean by waffle, this is:

I once listened to people in the Whitechapel Art Gallery having very deep, long, earnest conversations about a series of large, blank white (very expensive) canvasses. I think that the more expensive they were, the more meaning they had It was hilarious and could have come straight from a TV satire show.

My point was that if the photographer had no other object in mind than to produce a visually appealing image, and does just that, then that's just what it is. No interpretation or analysing necessary or needed.

Yes D, I would say that most shots posted here on dpreview are just visual. Why does there always have to be more to it?

I'm the opposite to analytical D, so I hope this makes some sort of sense to you. Not so sure it does to me now I'm reading it over!


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