110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

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kit size is important

I went from DSLR to m43 because the size of the kit (camera plus lens) is important to me. I want something about the size of a classic manual 35mm camera that I can carry about without starting to feel like a pack horse. That said, I don't understand the 'FF is dead' argument. M43 IQ is pretty good, but with current technologies you still can get technically better IQ from larger sensors on bigger cameras if you need it. Just for fun, I take some very amateurish wildlife shots occasionally with my m43 kit, and I am sure a suitable FF DSLR could deliver some better shots for me in those circumstances.

The Nikon D800 is a really interesting camera because it seems to offer almost medium format capabilities on a FF sensor. Is it just the resolution that matters, or do sensor size (width x height) and the corresponding size of the lenses have a bearing on how the image looks? If these physical dimensions do matter, then if production costs fall we may see more 'medium format' equipment on the amateur market. I'll probably stick with m43, but an affordable  camera that produces a big-format look for landscape work would be tempting.

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