Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Re: Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

Anders W wrote:

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Even as good as FF images are, the OM-D at 1/4 the ISO will always look better.

it is a typical wishful thinking of those who like to compare deep shadows w/ Canon FF's @ low iso's (where Canon does not deliver)... but move to SNR @ midtones, real high ISO and start counting Sony/Nikon and suddenly everything is going back to there is no replacement for displacement (= how much light you can grab).

At high ISOs, which is what the OP was talking about, the E-M5 set at two stops lower ISO than the FF camera (for equal DoF), will go equal for SNR at midtones but do better with regard to shadow noise/DR in comparison with all current FF cameras except the D4 (where it will be a tie).

Took a look at the E-M5 vs. the 5.6x crop SX50 set at 3 stops lower ISO. SNR 18% and DR.

EM-5 at measured ISO 3200 - 24 dB - 8.5 Ev

SX50 at measured ISO 400 - 26.5 dB - 9.5 Ev

Seems that the SX50 isn't a bad choice, at least not if you're doing a lot of handheld, really deep DoF shooting, in low light.

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