To go full frame or not?

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Have read again and again (and ag...), you don't need FF if you don't need wall sized prints. No need for that. But with FF you can crop more in PP? Going from compact to G3 and NX with 20 and 30mm, doing small prints was the chance to crop more. So I would guess the same goes for moving up to FF. Without a lot of heavy lenses. RX1 is very tempting.

For years struggled with low light, tripod did not help much for compacts, better with mirrorless. Often finding abandoned houses and factories. In museums you can't use flash and seldom tripod. Maybe you can get the same detail and quality of colour in low light with Nikon A, the best Fujis, OM-D as RX1, but I really doubt it. See what I see of images in Cybershot forum.

A lot COULD be happening with FF, Nex 9 seems to be most likely. Very interesting, but the cost of lenses... RX2 with EVF for the same price would be nice. Or larger with a non interchangeable zoom lens? Know quite a few people not going into "all those lenses". A lot could be happening this year or the next - and a lot of images could be lost before that.

To FF or to APS-C, that is the question. Common sense should dictate that the best (and efficacious) solution is to employ the best lens you can afford. And that nearly equal results can be gained with an APS-C system. Maybe one of those uber-bodacious Nikon planar-II lenses.

Could afford a $1500 30mm or something like that if that is necessary. But Nikon cameras got no EVF (that I need). NX or Nex maybe? But would these lenses be as good as the one in RX1? And isn't a fixed lens the best solution for maximum quality? Especially with a FF sensor? NX and Nex nearly equal to RX1? In difficult conditions? Not entirely convinced.

From a different discussion (yesterday...maybe it was Sergei) those particular lenses (Nikon planar-II) are about the highest performing lenses which will work with the Metabones Speedbooster to adapt to the NEX e-mount system. For example, if you were to choose the 85mm model, that would give you an approximately 65mm 35-equivalence of the most totally superior quality imaginable...far far better than a 24mm Zeiss or a 10-18. Mind you, very expensive. But why bother with the Zeiss when you can have this.

Thanks! But can't find any Nikon Planar II 85mm when I search the net. But a Nikon 85mm 1.4 for $1500. With a Metabones Speedbuster and a Nex 6, would it not be larger and almost the same price as RX1? But of course with EVF and you can change lenses. And 65mm 35-equivalence could be fine for landscapes but not for street photos, so two lenses.

Maybe an alternative is Nikon A + a 50 or 75mm Sigma or others. Two small cameras. Maybe would not give the same quality. But for a beginner easier to handle. More cameras of this type will come, but not with EVF, of maybe with pop-up EVF? The problem is not lack of alternatives, rather the opposite? Smaller APS-C and FF, high price at first and when you wait something more is happening.

I guess I misread when I was searching through eBay, That 85 was a Planar I. But the discussion I am referring to was about the Nikon Planar II 50mm for certain.  And yes they are $1300-$1500 or thereabouts. The RX-1 is $2,798.00.

No way that a Nikon A is in the same category as a NEX. What is a pop-up EVF...did you mean flash? Beginner or not, you need to start with good equipment. If all this is too much or too expensive, then why are we talking about it? A NEX-5R might work for you; it works for me.

Anyway, the very best optimization of lens design criteria just happens to occur around 50mm. Relatively everything else is a compromise one way or another, So the discussion about the 50 Nikon Planar !! was just a "what if" scenario...if you need the best in the world for your NEX, or anything else for the matter, then adapt this 50 Nikon with a Metabones Speedbooster. You may achieve much more with that than the HUGE capital outlay for the forthcoming FF NEX-9.

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