Photos don't have any "snap"

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Re: Photos don't have any "snap"
Here is what I did with the D5100 (same Sensor): no more active d-lighing (gives better contrast), I think I can see in one of your jpegs that d-lighting is having an effect, try turning it off. I also turned the lens corrections off, especially vignetting correction flattened my jpegs, so I turned it off, its ok anyway when you use higher arpetures like f8. I also use a exposure correction of -0.3 stops most of the time, which also gives better contrast. I shoot both raw and jpeg and the raws are often much better than the jpegs (depends on the lighting). I can then do a little bit of processing in post on the raw and get fine results. I also have the jpegs sharpened somewhat and I shoot more on the vivid side of the house, which with all of the above makes for quite punchy images, with a lot of contrast, but I always have the raws to go back to if it gets to be too much. 
I understand there are other Brands that get better jpegs out of the box (Canon) however what makes the 16MP Nikon Sensor really interesting is its abilities in dynamic range, which you can push to astonishing lengths, but you have to shoot raw to do that. 
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