Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

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Re: Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

captura wrote:

Phase detection DSLR's are faster and more accurate, for sure. But even Canon is having difficulty designing a good hybrid PDAF, witness the twin-chip 650D crop-body Canon. Maybe the 700D is better.

Some m43 cameras namely Panasonic nailed the contrast detection AF right from their first model. I believe that AF speed has an inherent design advantage for m43 over NEX APS-C. Not sure why.

I got the 5R although it's pretty much the same thing as the 6. The 5R has a titanium chasis allowing it to be smaller and lighter.

Yup, agree.  I had a panasonic GF3, their most entry level m43, and I remember being really impressed with the focus speed even with the pancake kit lens (I was only use it as a P&S replacement and didn't even buy the 20/F1.7 that's basically a mandatory purchase).  It's long since sold on so I can't do a test to see if it's faster than the NEX-6 even with PDAF... but somewhere in the back of my mind I have a sneaking suspicion it was.

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