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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

dlkeller wrote:

There seem to be a whole lot of people posting who feel it certainly does appear much darker in bright light and giving work arounds they use, which indicates it is an issue--although one many can live with.

BTW--these repeated "slamming mirror" references are really an exageration of what is happening in an SLR, sort of like discribing a SLT mirror as "soaking up light".

My two DSLRs both make enough of a clatter to turn heads. Unobtrusive candid shots in quiet public places are impossible. I have a fifteen foot adapted painter's pole I use for getting high viewpoints. When I'm holding it as high as possible near road traffic and firing it with the 10 sec timer I can't hear the shutter going off. But that's no problem with either of my DSLRs because I can easily feel it through fifteen feet of jointed alloy tubing. Does that amount of wallop actually shake the camera enough to cause fine detail smearing at certain ranges of shutter speeds? The answer I discovered by testing was detectably so at 85mm, really annoyingly so at 500mm.  That's with APS-C sensor DSLRs, where the problems are much less than with the larger heavier full frame mechanisms.

Having spent a lot of time investigating & trying to avoid those problems, and a lot of money acquiring camera technology without therm, I feel it quite appropriate to talk about image smear caused by mirror & shutter slam. Of course for many kinds of photography these problems don't exist. But if you don't shoot in the rain that doesn't mean that people who shoot in the rain & complain about waterproofing problems are exaggerating.

SLT mirrors "soak up" about 1/3 to 1/2 stop of light, depending on how you do your calculations and tests. I regard that a completely trivial loss, for my practical purposes negligible, irrelevant. But it might be a very significant loss for someone who often tries to squeeze the ultimate low light performance from her camera & lenses.

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