What is the best digital camera for photographing fast moving objects? (sports, children, animals)

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Re: Capturing the FULL REVIEW QUOTE **doesn't prove anything to the contrary.**

Jimmy jang Boo wrote:

Those DSLR peers would be entry level DSLRs with entry level performance.

Which would be all DSLRs in the OP's price range, assuming he wants something left over to buy some glass for it.

- the A57's AF is more than capable.

For what?  Shooting fast moving action? DPR already addressed that question in the succinct portion I previously quoted.  The rest of the quote does not negate what they previously stated.

Dismissive.  Only take DPR's word for this cherry picked quote, but not for that.  "More than capable" (above) and "...concedes little in terms of value or performance to it's competitors from Canon, Nikon, and Pentax"

Caution being the operative word.

Every DSLR purchase should be approached cautiously.  It's an expensive tool for most.

that while it has a frame rate that nearly matches a pro DSLR like the Canon EOS-1D X,

So the frame rate is comparable to the a high end pro Camera. BUT...

other factors

This where the comparison with 1DX ends. Hence the caution.

like advanced predictive tracking, customizeable AF modes and not least, the ability to view the live scene (versus the image you've just captured) while shooting are just as important for those who photograph fact action for a living."

In other words... a fast frame rate is not enough for capturing fast moving action.  That's why DPR stated " Fast-moving subjects, are much more of a challenge" and "...anything more demanding than a leisurely cycling pace along a straight line, the A57 can struggle to accurately predict subject position at relatively close range."

Which is pretty much par for the course for most DSLRs at this price point.

Now I want you to think about this.  They say they don't want to be too harsh, but yet they proceed to be.  And how do they do that?  By making a odd backhanded comparison to a Professional DSLR (link to body only LOL) that costs over 13X the price of the A57.  By anybody's standards that's quite a leap.

And a moot point as the comparison only goes as far as the frame rate. So what? There are cameras with faster frame rates than the 1DX that don't cost anywhere near as much as a 1DX.

Agreed, moot.

And while we're quoting the review, lets go to the final paragraph of "The Final Word" on the last page:


"At its core, the A57 is a well put-together compendium of Sony's technology advances since the introduction of the A55 two years ago. This makes it a solid and proven performer for anyone stepping up to a DSLR from a compact camera or ILC, and one that concedes little in terms of either value or performance to its competitors from Canon, Nikon and Pentax. We'd love a touch-sensitive screen and a more sensibly articulated LCD (and the OLED EVF from the A65/77 would be lovely) but the A57 is an excellent camera at a compelling price, and as such it earns our top honor, the Gold Award. "

This has nothing to due with the matter at hand. There are lots of great cameras at the A57 price point and lower.

Sure it does.  If you consider all these cameras at this price point to be closely comparable (and I might argue that point too if you did, but I won't for the sake of brevity), "The Final Word" is entirely relevant if you're going to use the review as part of the decision making process.

As someone who has owned several Canon and Sony DSLRs in the past 10 years or so, I can assure you focus speed is quite adequate

Adequate for what?  I've owned a few DSLRs too; but the AF was inadequate and unreliable for shooting fast moving action.

Which is why the experience with the model matters, so one can speak with more authority after spending more time using it.  Does the A57 miss focus at times with fast moving action?  Yes, but it also gets it right many times, and the higher fps does make a difference here in giving you more keepers just because of the sheer volume alone (your odds get better).  That said, AF performance with fast moving action is probably very similar to many other DSLRs at this price point (or higher).

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