Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

dpyy wrote:

nevercat wrote:

Your question is easy to answer: NO!
But the answer is not as easy as you may think.
You can have several reasons to go "Full Frame",

like the better resolution

Not really, the nex7 has the same resolution as A

Yes, but there is a 38mp FF camera out there...

, better low light

Half a stop, from NEX to A99.

Yes but over a stop compaared to the RX1. Some people find that very important, and when you combine that with the 1stop color depth and the one stop DR well it could be enough

less problems with lens defects

Why? There's no evidence that SEL has more defects than SAL?

As the pixels of a FF sensor are larger then the ones on an aps sensor, defects like CA will be less visible, when the CA is 1 pixel wide on an APS sensor it can be totaly invisible on a FF sensor, the same goes for other defects.

, better DR etc

Less than 1 EV (again according to DXO)

. All these are technical immage quality things. Then there is the DOF control: The larger the sensor, the more control you can have over DOF with the same Field of view.

This one yes, DOF is the absolutely one thing where it is compelling to go FF.

So back to my question, is DOF enough to sustain a sensor format?

as answered above: NO, remember that small, hardly visible, differences in IQ are very important to many photographers.And remember that a WA lens has a larger FOV on a FF camer, making it better for indoor, and landscape.

and the FF camera will look more "professional" then an APS camera...

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