Bokeh samples from same dist. between 200mm @2.8 and 135 @2.0

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Re: Bokeh samples from same dist. between 200mm @2.8 and 135 @2.0


I THINK this is what he is asking.

Imagine this. At 200 you are 20 FT from subject and using 2.8. You bokeh will look a certain way..etc.

NOW, take the 135 and place the same subject at 13.5 feet BUT at 2.0.

This way you can see at the same FIELD OF VIEW, how different the bokeh looks at the same feild of view . . . .

Not really 

yoms wrote:

Hello, . . . .

. . . .. Also, I know that if subject distance is the same, the FOV of a shot at 200mm is narrower than at 135mm. But in real life, this happens too (can't get closer, avoid too much intrusion, etc.) so I really stick to a fixed-distance-from-subject scenario.

Could anyone post or give some links of the "same" photograph taken from the same subject distance . . . . .

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