Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

nikkorwatcher wrote:

I still suspect Nikon is not fronting a D400 because it puts them right up against a similarly specified 7D or successor and they do not put cameras at identical prices up against their rivals. Whether by agreement or not. The reason being the rival cameras tended to straddle each other's price gaps. E.g. when the D300 came out, it was more expensive and higher specification than the 40D which was in turn more expensive and higher specification than the D90.

The 7D was in response to the D300 because it blew the 40D out of the water. The 7D never really matched the D300S, but it hasn't harmed sales of that camera too bad.

If you have a quality product, people will buy it. If it significantly more expensive than the opposition, then as long as it justifies the extra cost with features, no problem. If it happens to be the same price, again, as long as it is as good, or better, people will buy it. No problem.

Once people have bought into a system, they are reluctant to change, so there will always be a significant section owners that are a ready made market wanting to upgrade to the next model in the range, or even the top model.

If they bring a D400 and reduce features, as I think Canon did with the 50D, because it was repositioning the range in relation to the 7D, then there could be problems, but the D7100 hs increased its feature set leave little room for downgrades imho.

If they bring out a quality product, then it doesn't matter what the opposition do, unless they massively undercut with a similar, or better product.

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