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Re: LX7 or RX100?

I was facing the same decision a couple months ago and went with the RX100 over the LX7. You're right that RX100 gives up some of the advantages of its larger sensor due to the slower lens, but that comparison is based on an assumption of shooting in low light at telephoto focal lengths. And yes, in that situation, the LX7 is probably just as good, if not better than the RX100. But in any other situation, the RX100 gets to keep the advantages of that larger, higher resolution sensor. Outdoor daylight photos are amazing, and indoors at the wide end you've still got a very fast f/1.8 lens.

So the way I analyzed it, in 90% of normal shooting situations, the RX100 would offer significantly better image quality than the LX7, and in the remaining 10% (i.e. zoomed in, indoors), the LX7 would be equal or in some cases a little better.

But the RX100 also has the (for me, very significant) advantage of being truly pocketable, so that I DO take it everywhere. The LX7's faster lens won't do you any good if you have to resort to taking pictures with your phone because you left it at home.

In fact, for regular outdoor shooting, the RX100's image quality is actually so good that I've taken to leaving my E-M5's standard zoom at home, and just using the RX100 as my "kit lens", supplemented by the E-M5 for ultra-wide (Oly 9-18), long tele (40-150), and various fast primes for low-light and/or shallow DOF.

Note: That having been said, the price difference for me was not as much of a factor. Here in Japan, I was able to get at RX100 for just over US$500, whereas the LX7 never goes on sale for $300, but has stubbornly remained at between $420 and 450 here. Now before anybody gets tempted to try importing an RX100 from Japan (or pick one up on vacation), the model sold here only supports Japanese menus, and cannot be switched to English.

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