Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

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Re: Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

captura wrote:

Yes the NEX-6 is a slower focuser like the 5N, initially, which may be what you experienced. But once you have installed the hybrid PDAF firmware from Sony, it is very much faster. As intended.

I mainly shoot the 5N with a wide angle (originally the SEL1628 w/ WAC, now with SEL1018) so the focus speed isn't as noticeable important.  The NEX-6 has the SEL3518 more or less permanently on, and I use it a lot for capturing candid portraits which is where I notice the speed.

Switching between the D700 and the NEX-6 I do really notice the difference in AF however.  It's not just outright speed, it's also accuracy.  I always aim for the eyes and then re-frame, with the NEX-6 I find sometimes it doesn't get it right on first attempt (maybe hitting focus on the nose or some other part) with the focus not exactly in the centre where the focus spot as pointing.  Maybe it's just me... and I am being very very picky here - kind of stupid of me to be comparing these two cameras as they're not intended for the same audience.

On the other hand, it really is a joy using the NEX-6 because it's so much more discrete, you can maintain better contact with your subject while snappy a few shots off if you're willing to use the LCD screen (tilted upwards) without the camera pressed against your face.  So much easier to get natural portraits as people don't get that intimidating feeling of having a huge SLR pointed at them.

/edit - Sorry, forgot to add. I upgraded the firmware as soon as it came out.  I'd only just bought the SEL3518 so couldn't comment on what it was like before!

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