OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Guy Parsons
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Ditto E-PL5

When this topic surfaced in relation to the E-PL5 I tried FL-300R, FL-36R and FL-50 and all three in TTL mode needed plus 1.3 EV flash compensation to get back to what looked like a normal histogram, so I assumed that TTL flash underexposure is normal for Olympus. So my flash M mode MySet assigned to the M spot on the dial has a permanent plus 1.3 EV for flash, so far so good.

Just now tried mix 'n' match E-PL1 & E-P3 & E-PL5 variously with pop-up, FL-LM1, FL-300R, FL-36R and FL-50 and to have decent histogram all required about plus 1.3 EV flash comp. to get a decent exposure with no highlights blown but also have the histogram spread nicely to the right.

On that basis the E-M5 is normal in that it underexposes the flash.

All the above tests were with direct front facing flash, also tried bounce and the same plus 1.3 EV flash comp. still applies.

Regards...... Guy

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