110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

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Re: 110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

tko wrote:

Okay, I like to cause trouble

But think about it. With all the "is FF dead" posts around, I wonder if anyone remembers 110 film cartridges? Because the negative was exactly half the size as 35MM. Just like M43rd is half the size of FF. I seem to remember they even had some "full featured" 110 camera with enormous zoom ranges (for the times,) and even a SLR complete with motor drive:

By 'half' do you mean 'quarter'?  A 110 film neg (and a four third sensor) are 13 x 17mm which are about a quarter the area of a 35mm / FF negative.  So in terms of sizes alone your statement is true.  Must 110 cameras though were pretty rubbish as I recall and the format wasn't really taken seriously... unlike 4/3 cams now.  If someone had bothered to put a good lens and exposure system in a 110 camera it might have been different, but apart from that weird looking Pentax you mention I don't think anybody bothered.

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