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If you are shooting RAW aRGB and using LR, you would normally edit the RAW file and keep it in aRGB for editing. For posting to the net, you would export the file and do a conversion to JPG and sRGB. For printing (at home) I use aRGB while if going to an outside lab, I'll convert to sRGB.


Thanks for your reply. That's exactly what I do. I use Adobe RGB for printing, and sRGB for the Web. But I notice that sometimes when I convert a processed file from aRGB to sRGB, the colors get washed out. This leads me to believe that I should convert the photo to sRGB first, before doing any post-processing, right?

this sounds more like a reassignment of color space without conversion than of a true conversion : wider gamut looks flat compared to narrower gamut. It would help if you were describing the workflow producing that : do you get those results while staying completely inside of LR ? Did you pass from LR to PS or the ther way around ? What was the format of your files ?

Anyway, with LR it is better to keep everything raw and to export from the raws for each targeted destination : sRGB jpegs for the web, sRGB Tiff or sRGB jpegs for outside printing and Adobe RGB for home printing using a CMYK driver. But from what I get : if you print directly to an Epson Photo printer without the CMYK driver (or parser or whatever that software program is named, I forgot it), it is better to send it sRGB as well because the usual driver of the printer will convert the data to sRGB anyway.

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