Is Nex-6 to basic for me? Based on my history and current thoughts on it

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Re: Is Nex-6 to basic for me? Based on my history and current thoughts on it

So, I have the Nex 6 and have just started using it. I originally was going to go with the 7 but was forumed out of that choice after reading and reading. My first impressions are that it is to much oriented towards the point and shoot auto group for my taste.

Tiltable screen, wifi, collapsible kit lens could all imply they're trying to grab a bit of the P&S upgraders market... but at one point in our lives, we were probably also P&Sers and had to start somewhere - be it with a manual SLR, range finder a dSLR.

If you look at the photos that that people get out of the NEX range of cameras, sometimes with the aid of a good lens, then you'll quickly see these cameras don't hold you back in anyway.

The pop up info if you pause in the menus is a big annoyance and I have yet to find out how to turn it off if possible. I know you can customize controls somewhat, but it still seems really limited almost like it is set up not to trust the photographer.

It's buried somewhere in the menu, afraid I don't have my NEX-6 at hand, but it's not hard to find.  Think it's just a switch to turn on/off help tips. It's the first think I turned off when I bought my camera as it's quite patronising! I'm guessing I'm not the only one who found that either!

Am I really off base here or am I missing something? Also, for basic IA mode, it chooses such a high ISO.

I have to admit I don't think I've ever used the IA function - as I treat Aperture priority as a kind of Auto mode, but I do know that the Auto ISO kicks in when shutter speed drops below what it deems hand hold-able, somewhere around 1/60.  There are next to no options to customise Auto ISO, so in low light, I often just hit the ISO button and switch to whichever one I'm most comfortable with.  Suggest you might try that if you find image quality at ISO 3200 too much of a compromise and want to step down to ISO 1600.

I compared my old LX5 in IA to this and the Panny chose ISO 800, where as the Nex chose ISO 3200. Same exact setup otherwise.....

The LX5 as a very fast lens: F2.0-3.3 which is helping to keep a lot of light coming in here.  You didn't mention what lens you're shooting your NEX-6 with, so I'll have to assume it's the kit (let me know otherwise) which is f3.5-5.6 - basically a stop down.  So all other things being equal I would expect your sony to shoot auto-iso a step down (ie. 800-->1600).  Perhaps you're zoomed in a little with your kit lens is using F4.5, or maybe it's the more aggressive max 1/60 shutter speed that's kicked it into ISO3200.

Just a quick question: Did you compare the image quality between the two cameras on your computer side by side? You might be surprised to find that the NEX-6 at ISO 3200 is considerably better than the LX5 even at ISO800 - the result of twice the sensor size and 3 years of technological advancement - Here's a sample you can compare although your mileage may vary:

I guess I am wanting more DSLR control in a smaller camera so I am asking you all to let me know if this one is capable or if the 7 (or another camera all together) is a better choice. Maybe even the RX100 again although I really like a VF

If you're missing the 2nd control dial (assuming you're shooting often in manual) then the only option at the moment in the Sony range is the 7... although you lose the mode dial.  I'd hazard a guess that the upcoming NEX-7N will include the tri-nav control AND a mode dial, but don't quote me on that.

Otherwise, good ergonomics small cameras - look toward Fujifilm (ask the same question in the Fujifilm forum), or with m43 perhaps the OM-D, which is really nice.  If size is not a constraint, then why go mirrorless at all, there are plenty of non-compromised dSLRs.  I still keep my Nikon D700 as I love shooting with that.  Of the mirrorless, I actually preferred the NEX-6 ergonomic of any camera I picked up (and many would disagree), but ergonomics are a very personal thing so be sure to pick up the cameras yourself.

Before you jump ship, I would definitely set up the custom Fn button (next to the shutter release) with common functions.  Since I did that, I've hardly ever needed to go back into Sony's mess of a menu system!

Thanks and sorry for the ramble.


No need to apologies for asking legitimate questions in these forums Mike.

Good luck!


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