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StevenN wrote:

That was very helpful. Btw, I've used Photoshop for years, but I'm a novice at using Lightroom. So my post-processing methods are undergoing a change. But I've learned a lot from posters like yourself.

I was in the same boat and preferred the way things are done in PS. It seems that LR work in its own proprietary color space which is near of Prophoto RGB with some tweaks to look better on usual displays (Prophoto RGB can look very flat like all wide gamut color spaces). Things remain in that color space unless you export your files. When raw pictures come out of your camera, they are tagged either as Adobe RGB or as sRGB, but this is just a tag of the raw and LR still works with its wider gamut color space. It is only important when you export your pictures and you can decide then what the target color space will be. The difference between PS and LR is that in PS you could define the working space, the input space and the output space and convert a picture to any color space or assign a color space without converting; you can also soft proof the output results etc..  With LR you are always in LR own color space with a wide gamut and can only choose a color space for your output. At least this is what I understand.

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