Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

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Re: Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

CosmoZooo wrote:

The thing that was frequently stated in this forum is that OMD overstates ISO which after recently reading a good discussion on m43 forum and finally taking the time to understand the issue and do some research I have discovered is not really true at least not in an exposure sense. As far as exposure is concerned, most cameras, OMD included, are within 1/3 EV of the spec.

An error margin of +/- 1/3EV is very significant when difference in low light performance between the OM-D and NEX-6 is only around 2/3 EV according to DxOMark. A few posts by die-hard m43 fans don't invalidate what many, including DPR reviewers and DxOMark testers, have observed as ISO overstating in some cameras.

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