How good is the X100S?

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Re: How good is the X100S?

eastvillager wrote:

All well and good but if you read what you just wrote its all about "I" in other words all about you. Think about it. This forum is not about you.

Yep, but if I didn't have a view on any of this, "I" wouldn't be here, and neither would a lot of others.

Because you think like that you windup publishing your original post.

I'm sorry I published it quickly, didn't choose the examples better and didn't include a one line reference to the link, and that caused some people to have a mistaken impression of my post. I'll be honest, it doesn't sound like you ever had a mistaken impression of my post.

That's all I'm sorry for. The post - yes I would do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat. I hope others would post similar too and I hope they continue to post completely whimsical topics taken with an X camera. If fact it would amuse me great if the whole of page 1 could be filled with such topics. Now there's an idea....

It doesn't sound like you've really changed but only got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

No, I've not changed, see above.

Try to think of these forums as places to dispense knowledge. Your post contributed nothing about knowledge, it was all about ego.

These forums are as much about knowledge transfer as a group of enthusiasts having a beer down the pub. Frankly, I spend a lot of time here giving advice to people about camera settings and properties, but really "I" like to see the photos "you all" post. Sorry, I just see these forums in a different way - we'll have to agree to disagree on that.

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