Tamron 2X TC First Test Shots

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Re: Tamron 2X TC First Test Shots

awaldram wrote:

brandrx wrote:

Hi Kent,

On a Pentax K10D prior to the firmware that updates it to SDM only, the screwdrive of the DA*200/2.8 + Tamron 2X PZ_Af and the DA*300/4 + Tamron 2X PZ_Af will drive and lock focus.

On any SDM only camera like my K-5 the Tamron 2X PZ_Af completely disallows any movement of the focusing of the lens and that includes the DA*200/2.8 and DA*300/4 lenses.

The above is the same for the Kenko 2X PZ_Af teleconverter.



Think what you seeing there Ron is lack of contrast from your converter, Mine will allow movement but just hunts left to right to giving up OOF.

My converter needed manually adjusting to achieve this , I completely stripped and black banded the lens edges to up contrast, reset the doublet to achieve max contrast.

A shxt load of work to be hardly better off than your converter

OK, so I have two K10D's. One is screwdrive only and the other is SDM only. The two 2X PZ_Af TC's that I have will work on the screwdrive only K10D but on the SDM only K10D there is no movement at all of the focusing of the lens. So, in my mind it is the SDM that is the problem, not the decrease in contrast of the 2X TC.



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