Nikon 18-70 vs Nikon 18-135

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Re: Nikon 18-70 vs Nikon 18-135 *slightly* OT

Andrazh wrote:

I own both lenses and i have to decide which one to keep.
I like the build quality of 18-70 and focus better. But I think 18-135 is a bit more sharp and has larger range.
Can someone tell me how should I test these two for sharpness? So it would be accurate?
Dont want to sell the wrong one


Sell the 18-135.  Why?, because you can conceivably get more money for it.  Don't bother getting caught up in the minutia.  The 18-70 is a great Disneyland lens.  Or sell them both and get a 24-85VR, they are practically giving them away with the recent D600 bundled promotions if you scout around.  If you are contemplating a indeterminate stay with DX, please disregard the comment as 24mm is probably not ideal for an all purpose zoom in that format.

I happen to like the 18-70, not because it is especially good, but I perceive as having an important historical role in saving Nikon from digital obscurity along with the D70.  I shot Canon at the time and, like the specifications of the D800, the D70 18-70 kit was so well specified and reasonably priced, I instantly became enamored by it and increasingly disillusioned with Canon's artificial market compartmentalization and felt marginalized as a consumer because of their election to reduce functionality, based solely on software 'crippling,' for no reason other than to create incremental, but costly upgrade paths.

Fast forward to today and many of the Canon bodies are only differentiated by features alone, and employ the same (or similar) sensor for nearly all their consumer bodies.

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