Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

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Re: Don't jump to conclusions......

Hi Roger and Don,

Thanks for responding.  Heck I agree with you both (most of the time !:-))  I own a G12 and G1X as well as a K5.  I think it's really important to distinguish between IQ and camera performance.  The G12 and the G1X, which are fixed lens mirror-less cameras, are both slow compared to my K5, but there have been plenty of times I've had to check which camera I used.  I keep them all in 3:2 format and in bright light it's often hard to tell......  The IQ is that good, and the smaller formats have greater DOF for the same FOV.  Obviously this works against them when I want to blur a background for a portrait or whatever, but I'm more often into increasing DOF than decreasing it.

I guess I've become a fan of mirror-less because I'm a hiker and traveller and enjoy landscape photography most of all.  The current mirror-less AF limitations don't hinder me all that much. Landscapes and buildings don't move too fast.  I've been lusting after a Fuji XE1, but have just managed to hold off so far.  At least part of my reason is the ability to use TS adapters with my MF FF Pentax lenses to enhance my photography.  (Old LF photographers never die! - Movements forever!!!)  I suspect that I might give in when the next round of improvements gives the XE1s or XE2 focus peaking and split image MF like the X100s).  Keeping the K5 though......

Interesting times. Lots of new choices heading our way.  An excellent state of affairs - I don't 'get' why people are viewing these developments with angst.

Cheers, Rod

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