Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

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Re: Nex-6 and OM-D user comparison

limbonaut wrote:

Rob Sims wrote:

Hi limbonaut,

Would be interested for your slightly more detailed comparison between NEX-6 and OM-D.  Perhaps your list of pros / cons of each one.

My background - I was looking to move to a mirror system (from Nikon D700) about 6 months ago and was all set on the OM-D (already owning a GF3 got me the taste for m43) when I had a last minute change of heart and went for the NEX-6.  My main reasoning at the time was the extra bokeh of APS vs. m43, and the size advantage of NEX-6 vs. OM-D. I've had no regrets, but that's obviously as I never really got to play with the OM-D except in the shops for a few minutes at a time.  So interested to hear from someone who's obviously played with both extensively.

My main gripe so far with the NEX-6 (and also my NEX-5N which I bought very cheap SH) has been the slower focusing, it's not caused me to miss any shots so far, but it's certainly caused me and my subject (usually my wife!) to be a bit more patient while I line up shots.  Is that significantly faster on the OM-D?


(I'm using mainly with the SEL3518 and SEL1018, although sometimes with the SEL1650)


OMD single shot focusing is faster and locks more often in low light.  Almost foolproof.  Tracking still not there, but better than nex overall.

Depth of field is frankly not all that different, at least for me.

Stabilization on the OMD is fantastic and better than lens stabilization on the nex.   You will be able to use lower iso as a result

Lens selection for OMD is  better.  There just is zero nex long range zoom.  there are now 3 native m43 lenses that are 600mm equivalent and also of decent quality.  Nex has a  single mediocre mid range zoom.  The oly 40-150 is superior and cost me $99 on sale.

hate the feel and layout of buttons.

Makes better choices in P mode where I mostly shoot.


Nex has far better ergonomics.

better viewfinder.

Better wirelesses flash implementation For me.

On board flash.

Remote shutter


lenses are limited.  Need at least one decent native long zoom and highER 2.8 zoom lens.

no hump (but I can forgive the omd hump because it is necessitated but the very good ibis).

Thanks for the reply.

Confirmed what I felt about the slow focusing on the NEX-5N/NEX-6 - was very noticeable coming from my previous Nikon dSLRs (D50->D80->D90->D700).  Perhaps if the soon to be announced NEX-7N improved on the PDAF I may pick that up and sell my 5N - as I always like to carry two bodies to save changing lenses when out and about.

Regarding the lack of NEX lenses, the absence of a decent zoom I can see that being a deciding issue for many.  My personal preference would be a fast zoom (say 17-55 F2.8), but I guess it'd probably be too large/heavy for comfortable ergonomics on the NEX bodies or have too many optical compromises to keep it small.  As I'm a bit of a Bokeh whore I'd obviously like them to get a half decent and light 50mm F1.4 out, as that's probably the single reason I haven't sold off my D700 yet.

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