a57 v d5100 for first DSLR

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NowHearThis wrote:


Will the Sony beat the Nikon in everything, heck no. And the same would be true in reverse. But, is the A57 a very good option the OP should consider, Yes, and hopefully, I've explained my reasons as to why it is.

I appreciate these points. Some of them are reasons I chose the A57, others are irrelevant to my use, and some of them make me more excited about having an A57 available to me.

My objection wasn't that 123Mike was arguing in favor of one over the other, but that, from my reading, his comments always seemed to close on a, "and if you don't agree, you're stupid," tone. I could have misread his intention in posting, but that was what I got out of his posts. When I infer that kind of dismissiveness in an argument, it leads me to dismiss the argument itself because it often belies an argument built around a preconceived or biased opinion rather than a rational and unbiased comparison. He might have the "right" answer to many readers, but he's going to have a hard time convincing anybody of his argument by telling them they're stupid to even ask the question.

Once again, I might be reading too much dismissiveness into 123Mike's posts, and if that's the case, I apologize, but this is just my assessment of what I read and inferred.

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