Using a monopod??

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Re: Using a monopod??

Simple and rugged, after several decades, I have settled into the Manfrotto 680B monopod with the 678 folding base and a Markins ballhead. The 678 has 3 legs mounted on a short tube 'set-screwing' around the monopod leg. The 3 leg assy fits inside the monopod leg and can be released, spread open and remounted giving a monopod with short tripod legs.

This setup is invaluable for removing the weight of a long tele/zoom off my arms and shoulder--and allows me to permit the 3 legged monopod to stand upright without support when I need to remove a lens, memory card or trail snack from my camera bag. Think: No Hands

For wildlife or pano/landscape photography the camera literally floats. The Markins ballhead smoothly lets me track wildlife in motion or precisely frame a multi array 'pano'--And locks rock tight without creep. Mount a standard cork ball on the monopod and enjoy the benefits of a rugged hiking 'stick'!   The monopod setup will set you back <$100, my Markins is not included since it also lives on my real tripod--but not very often now.

good luck  irv weiner

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