Panasonic 20mm - good for rapid shooting?

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Re: Panasonic 20mm - good for rapid shooting?

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i am looking for a good low light lens to take pictures of my newborn inside. A previous post had recommended the Panasonic 20mm and 25mm or the Olympus 45mm. I was leaning towards the 20mm due to a small house and cost, but was concerned about the autofocus, which I've read is slow in multiple reviews. Since a newborns expressions change so quickly, one thing I like to do is take multiple shots per second just to capture the one I like. Will I be able to do this with the 20mm And it's slow autofocus? Is the slow af mainly a concern for video?

for reference, i currently use an e-pl1 with a 14-42 kit lens.



You would want to do portrait very soon with the newborn, so I suggest looking at an indoor portrait lens.

While the 20mm is just 1 stop slower than the 25mm, it is the focal length that would make it unsuitable for close up portraits, because of unflattering distortion of the face. Focal length less than 25mm is not an ideal portrait length.  20mm focusing/aperture noise also would make it less ideal for video.

Between the 45 and the 25, the shorter focal length is more versatile especially if you have to work in tight space, while the longer focal length offer an easier candid from the distance. Longer distance could be useful when the newborn turns to a curious toddler, but this depends on the baby, and may not be a big issue if he/she could be taught to ignore the camera.

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