The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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But you are right!

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

The new Sigma UK site quotes an SRP (Sigma Rip-off Price?) of £1839.99.  WEX photographic is usually the cheapest camera store around but get one on there and you will save yourself a whopping 99p!

Park Cameras appear to be the cheapest at the moment...They are knocking £290 off the SRP...Thats £1549.99, which is still considerably more than the original price that those now infamous Sigma press interviews lead everyone to expect the SD1 would to sell for. ("around the same price as a Canon 7D").

The Canon 7D can now be bought brand-new for just £609 (body only), making the SD1M (body only) nearly £1000 more expensive!!!

The SD1M will have to be well under £1000 before I would consider buying one.

Even here, where we pay $A2000, it translates to (well, let's be practical and say a $A1 = 65p), GBP 1196.

Don't know why you guys have to pay a premium? That's usually reserved for us.


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