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Off Topic : what B&W does.

aljudy wrote:

You are obviously fascinated (passionately about) B&W photography. While my post is not related to your wonderful post about DOF, I would like to hear your reasons for this B&W focus that I see in your Flickr photos, and what is it about B&W vs color that makes you choose B&W apparently all the time. Have you considered the Monochrome camera by Leica?  Al

I hope that Al-in-Philly answers your question.

it is always interesting to read a person's motivation for B&W (apart from the obvious reason that it looks classy, classic and cerebrally cultural - which BTW is a valid reason...).

Looking at the shots in the OP, for me the reasons for B&W are obvious: having no colour helps (with the shallow DOF) to make the in-focus subject stand out from the background, in almost all images, because potentially distracting bright or contrasting colours are cancelled out.

Plus, obviously, B&W makes textures stand out, while in colour, the colour information dominates our vision.

This photo of mine would not have been the same in colour, because the patterns are the most important thing.  The colour scheme of the coat is a bit different from the colour scheme of the chairs (true black and true white versus a shade of beige on very dark brown).  Only in B&W can I enhance the impression of the woman being an urban chameleon :

link in case embedding is screwed up again:

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