Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Worst. PC. Sales. Ever.

I believe Win8 is hurting the sales of PCs at BestBuy,

I believe W8 is hurting the sales of PCs everywhere.

To those who say that W8 is perfectly fine OS, I say this......"if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

With perhaps a few isolated exceptions, the public in general was not clamoring for a new OS.  I don't know a single person who was so unhappy with W7 that they couldn't wait for W8 to come out.  To the contrary, many people (myself included) who were ready to upgrade their hardware, rushed out to get it while W7 was still preinstalled.  I bought a new desktop and a new laptop last year, and I purposely timed my purchases so as to be sure I could get the systems I wanted with W7.  I know several people personally who did exactly the same thing.  I just bought my brother a new computer in February.  While he is clueless about tech, he knew enough to ask me to please get him a computer with W7.  That's what his old computer had before it crapped out, and he was perfectly happy with it, and he just wanted to stick with what he knew.  Me, my brother, and my friends who are staying with W7 are not stick in the mud, closed minded, old school type people.  We're just fine with W7 and don't see any reason to upgrade to W8.

Even though people (in general) were quite happy with WXP, and some still are, W7 offered some compelling reasons to upgrade.  Even more compelling if you were coming from Vista.  I can remember several years ago ditching a reasonably functional Vista PC because I wanted a new PC with W7.   I didn't really need a new PC, but I was excited enough about W7 to buy one anyway.  That's a case of a new OS driving PC sales.  I think MS and the PC makers were hoping for a similar reaction to W8, but unfortunately, that's just not happening on a mass scale.

Ironically, MS is headed in the right direction, and they are headed where they need to go.  W8 is just too much too fast for the "average" consumer.   Some would argue that the fairly radical new UI was needed, but I say that MS could have eased people into this new direction/paradigm without causing all the uproar.  Regardless of whether you like or don't like W8, I think everyone has to agree that there has been an uproar and a backlash.  That just can't be good for MS or the pc industry.

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