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Re: I like shallow DOF occasionally, and it can be done cheap on FT...

Great Bustard wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

So actually, Great Bustard is a lazy bum because he uses gear that is easy for what he likes!

(just kidding, Joe!)

I guess I missed the joke -- all I saw was a simple statement of fact. 

There used to be a time when a person would be called "the hardest working man in show business".

Well, FT-users are the hardest working men in photography (if they want shallow DOF).

We may be stupid, but we are proud of doing things the hard way.

If you want to do things the hard way, give up that sensor and IBIS in the EM5, and go get a film rangefinder. 

I might just do that, someday.

(I am test-driving a Leica M3 that someone found on his attic, to make sure it still works properly.  It does, but my shots from the one roll of film are rubbish.  If I would buy that camera off the person, it would be gathering dust on my shelf, so I won't.)

(BTW, I just bought a 17.5mm Nokton, so expect to be pestered with some shallow DOF µFT-shots soon.)

PS: did the photo show up on your system? Not here.  The site's embedding tool seems to be screwed (again).  I included a link to the gallery.

No, the photo did not embed.  If I were you, I'd edit out that bright yellow rectangle, as it's a huge distraction.  The reason I know is that I've had to do the same thing in more than one of my photos. 

I know what you mean, and aesthetically you are right, but I am too much of a documentary guy  to do that.  That is my high-horse motivation.  The real reason is I am too lousy at PP.

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