Fuji X100 vs DA21 + K01

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Re: Fuji X100 vs DA21 + K01

NexMan wrote:

Actually, I only want to have the wider option for general travel snaps really when the occasion calls for, I'm not a landscape shooter.  I also don't need the VF as I prefer to use LiveView, but I'm sure it would be nice to have.

Since I don't want to be constantly changing lenses while travelling, I thought maybe the x100 would be a good option to carry with my K01.  Also the obvious advantage is the X100 is f2 compared to the f3.2 of the DA21, which could come in handy.

Maybe I need to pick up a 2nd K01 body to pair up with the DA21.

Have you handled an X100?  I like mine but it does overstate the ISO (I can shoot with a faster shutter speed at f4 and ISO 3200 with my K5 and 12-24 than I can at f4 and ISO 6400 with the X100).

I did compare the X100 to the K01 with the kit lens and liked the handling X100 better, but if you like the K01 then go for it with the 21.  Besides you get the in body stabilization with the K01, which the X100 does not have, if you want to push the low light shooting.


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