Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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I like shallow DOF occasionally, and it can be done cheap on FT...

Hen3ry wrote:

Super thin depth of field is a choice. Those who want it can have it; I'm not interested and mostly I'm not interested in their pictures either. Very thin DoF moved from the innovative to the boringly banal in a remarkably short time 40+ years ago.

Geoff, I may respond later to some other interesting points you make, but I just wanted to illustrate that seriously thin DOF can also be done on (micro-)FourThirds and it does not even have to be expensive.  I sometimes enjoy the look.

This one was shot with the pretty cheap Rokinon 85mm F1.4 in native FT mount:

1/4000 at F1.4 on 85mm - I did not have an ND filter with me...

FT-users just have to be a bit more creative and resourceful in their composition (distance to subject and distance from subject to background) than FF-users, when they do want to use the shallow DOF -effect.

So actually, Great Bustard is a lazy bum because he uses gear that is easy for what he likes!

(just kidding, Joe!)

EDIT: embedding seems not to work (again), so here is just the link to the image to be safe:

(There are a few more in that gallery - I was in a shallow mood that day.)

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