Looking for high quality zoom lens, help!!

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Re: Looking for high quality zoom lens, help!!

For these kinds of lenses in an automatic setup, without going with the LAEA2 adapter you are limited to the SEL18200 original, which is the larger silver version, the newer SEL18200 which is smaller and black, and the Tamron 18200. The last two I have mentioned are the same lens but just manufactured by Sony and one by Tamron. They are both smaller and not as good for video. Stills they seem comparable. There is also the new SELP18200 which is the same as these except it has a motorized zoom in/out feature and is suited for video. If you are just planning on using for stills then the black Sony 18200 might be your best bet, but many, myself included have had excellent results with the original SEL18200 which is silver. It retails at 899 but can be found used for 650 or so. Its a great lens but kind of big.

You can use the LAEA2 adapter which is a faster focusing add on for our NEX cameras. This adapter is around $250 but lets you use any A-Mount, (Sony) lens going. This opens up your range considerably and gives better performance, at the cost of some bulk.

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