110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

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Re: 110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

Partly devised to help ordinary folks load film into cameras more easily. Assumption was that if that process was made easier, more folks would buy the cameras. Sure do remember them, but not fondly. Most recently had to bust the plastic casings to get the negs out to scan. No fond memories. As for comparing 110 to M43? Ouch!!

Probably a better comparison might be to APS film cartridges. For a time there the wee Canons were the cameras to have. How many people wore them around their necks? The diminutive camera sizes that the APS cartridges allowed spawned a whole raft of tiny cameras that some though would revolutionize the industry. Where is APS (film) today?

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