Reasons why no Nikon 85mm f1.2?

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Re: Reasons why no Nikon 85mm f1.2?

str8pipe wrote:

Is there technical reasons why Nikon doesn't produce this lens?

They make, or used to make a 50mm 1.2 ais lens, I am not sure the F mount system is wide enough for an 85 1.2.

Interestingly if you compare the Nikon 85 1.4 D to the Canon  85mm 1.2L MK2 at Photozone, both fully open, the depth of field is nearly similar, unlike the 1.4 G.  The 1.4 D continues this relatively large blur characteristic  as you stop down in comparison to say the other Nikon 85's, the Canon 1.2L MK2 also seems to do this.

The 1.4 D has clearer and slightly more defined bokeh circles than the Canon and 1.4G which also seems to have a touch more outlining and traces of Bokeh fringing.

There is a big drop down to the 1.8G which suffers from the same thing but far worse. The new Nikon lenses are sharper in the corners but the 85 1.4D seems to have more contrast, but just in the very centre you can see this in the MTF's.

As some people have observed the wicked 1.4 D Bokeh is partly due to the blurry middle and edges , so the New G has changed the formula by sharpening the middle and the edges, and the penalty is loss of blur, but it has only lost a little in the overall Bokeh which could be a good compromise for some.

Opticaly the 1.4D seems to have 2 types of blur-combined, natural out of focus-blur and optically induced-blur which I believe is responsible for it being a cream machine.

The 1.8G seems a very good all rounder for the price given the Canon 1.2L MK2 is over $2000+ dollars to pay for the ground aspherical lens element, but both the Nikon new 85/s seem to have more pop.

The 85. 1.4D is a seriously-weird optical design that seems to generate backgrounds at random that surprise and delight every time, it has that little bit of magic that cant be quantified in simple charts and MTF's, if it were made in previous centuries it would be burnt at the stake for being too metaphysical.

I am not sure that Nikon needs another 85 we have so many good ones to chose from and not forgetting the 85 1.8D.

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