Rangefinder on the way....

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Re: Rangefinder on the way....

If the GX2 comes with a corner EVF / tilt screen, you're looking at a bigger/thicker body (look what they did to the GF6... that tilt screen is hideous!)

And if the G6 is as predicted (GH3 sensor), then why bother with a GX2 as G6 prices will have dropped to reasonable levels then.

The problem with the GX1 (an awesome camera, I own one myself!) is that it was priced too high (v G3, which had an EVF) for not enough features (v G5, which had full HD video etc.)

Panasonic just wanted to sell us the LVF2 (like they tried with the LVF1 on the GF1... which should really be renamed the GX0!) It makes huge business sense to have no EVF... and sell one at a premium!

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