Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

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Re: Nikon FF v APS-C image comparison

bkpix wrote:

For an interesting comparison of image quality between similar 24-meg FF and crop cameras (D600 and D7100) take a look at this.

In comparing the two cameras, he finds virtually identical color and sharpness in low ISO images -- to his own surprise. The D600, as expected, has better high ISO image quality and shorter depth of field for the same aperture.

Yes, it's Ken Rockwell. Before the hand-wringing begins, let me just say I enjoy his common sense approach to many gear issues, though it does pay to read his site regularly enough to keep his enthusiasms in a reasonable perspective.

KR shoots nothing but JPEGs. Dumb things down enough (i.e., lossy image compression, 8-bit color, screen resolution) and all the differences seem trivial.

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