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It doesn't really matter. I've decided to get out of photography anyway. I the several years I tried (and I tried everything) I couldn't make it pay. I hear people claiming online that it does. I have no proof of this - you could all be genuine or you could all be 12 year olds having a laugh. It is the internet after all. I'm just going to write it all down as a bad job and move on with my life. I don't need people telling me "oh but it would have worked if". That's not ever going to be anything more than snake oil. There's always "this would have worked if" and it never will work - not even if. Photography was just a very bad thing to attempt to get into. The only plus is that my books are selling and making money.

I tried for about 7 years to make it pay, having been fandangled into opening a photography business against all common sense. The facts were there before I started but somebody dangled enough juicy carrots for me to move forward and then the carrots vanished. Where I was living before, there was money to be made occasionally from photography but that had pretty much all dried up before I came to where I now live.

I'm rather sad to have bought all my kit new as opposed to second hand as I'm going to take a massive hit on selling it. It is largely unused but the secondhand market doesn't see it like that. So I have two thousand dollar bodies worth maybe two hundred dollars for the pair. I have all the lenses, flashes and studio stuff. What I'm going to do is to sell off the stuff I don't think I will use for myself. I'll probably keep the kit lens and two marque lenses but all the Tamron junk I'll sell. I'll sell the flashes too - I just don't need them. And, of course the studio kit. All I need is one body and a couple of lenses but since there's no sense in taking a 90% reduction on a body, I'll keep both bodies. The rest can all get the hell out of my space.

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